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Cross Country Meet Volunteer Sheet


1.  Your child is pre-registered in the Lakeland League for all meets.    Attendance is not mandatory. If you have a conflict and can't attend, you do not need to let anyone know.  You simply show up 1/2 hour before your approximate start time for warm ups:


Approximate Weekly Series Time Schedule:

9 - 10 BOYS      9:25am       2000m/3000m
9 - 10 GIRLS      9:50am       2000m/3000m
11 -12 BOYS      10:15am       3000m
11 - 12 GIRLS      10:40am       3000m
13 - 14 BOYS      11:05am      3000m/4000m
13 - 14 GIRLS     11:30am      3000m/4000m


2.  All Sunday meets are held at Central Park (Greystone) in Morris Plains. They run rain or shine.  The athletes run through the woods on dirt/gravel terrain.  

3.  Upon arrival, proceed to the Chatham tent to check in.  Each week, we need two volunteers to sign runners in and assistance with tent and table set up! 


4.  Each week, two coaches will be warming up the kids in the pen.  No parents inside the pen.   


5.  Your child can leave when they are finished with their race.  PLEASE KEEP THEIR BIBThey will be responsible for THAT bib for the season. You will need to bring it to each race.  The fee for a lost bib is $10.

Race lengths depend on how fast the runners are.  Most runners run under a 10-minute mile, but we can't guarantee that.


6.  We have over 150 kids on our team.  We need each parent to volunteer at least one time.  Volunteers for meets DO NOT require background checks as you will not have direct contact with the kids and they will be with their parents anyway.  The website has volunteer position requests above.  Thank you to those parents who already volunteered.  Each week Chatham needs one ON COURSE MARSHALL volunteer.  Our team cannot race without one as it is a League requirement.  

7.  Your child will run in their uniform.  We were informed today that our vendor (along with everyone else) is having supply chain delivery issues. If you have a uniform from previous years of Track or XC, please wear that.  Otherwise, please wear something navy that ideally says Chatham on it.  If you don't have anything, they do have your bib number mapped to Chatham.

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